TSAPAC Information

The TSA Political Action Committee was established on September 2, 1993.

The Committee uses its resources in support of and in coordination with the political efforts of the Texas Medical Association.

Categories of TSAPAC Membership:


    ≥ $1,000 OR $84/month


   = $750 OR $62.50/month


   = $500 OR $42/month


   = $250 OR $21/month

Retired Diamond

   = $100

Resident Diamond

   = $100


   = $20

Contributions may be made as a one-time payment or divided into monthly payments. The above amounts are based on 12 months, starting in Sept. See Monthly Payment Chart

You may make your contribution online by clicking the button above, or by check, payable to TSAPAC, on either a personal account or that of the professional association and forwarded to the TSA Office.

The PAC may not accept any corporate checks except for those from professional associations. Contributions are not tax deductible.


Eligible Contributors.

Subject to applicable law and the provisions of this Article V, contributions to the Committee may be accepted from friends, members, and employees of the Texas Society of Anesthesiologist.

Prohibited Contributions.

The following restrictions apply to all contributions received by the Committee:

  • No contribution will be accepted from (i) any corporation; (ii) any labor organization; or (iii) any other entity which is prohibited from making contributions or expenditures in connection with Texas state or local elections;

  • Contributions to the Committee will be accepted only if made voluntarily and will not be accepted if secured by physical force, job discrimination, financial reprisals, the threat of any of the foregoing, or if required as a condition of employment;

  • No contribution will be accepted, and no expenditure will be made, by or on behalf of the Committee at a time when there is a vacancy in the office of its Treasurer.

  • No contributions of cash or currency will be accepted, regardless of the amount;

  • No contribution will be accepted unless the contributor supplies information sufficient to enable the Committee to comply with the record keeping and reporting requirements of the Texas Election Code or other applicable law;

  • No contribution will be accepted if such acceptance would in any way cause the Committee to be in violation of the Texas Election Code or other applicable law; and

  • The Board, in its sole and absolute discretion, may refuse to accept any contribution made to the Committee.

Status of Contributors.

Contributors to the Committee will have no voting membership status in the Committee, and will not have any property rights in the monies of the Committee. Nothing herein prohibits members of the Committee from making contributions.


To Whom Made.

Subject to applicable law, contributions of Committee funds will be made only (i) to individuals who have publicly announced that they are candidates for nomination or election to Texas state selective public offices for use by such individuals to further their candidacies; (ii) to committees, associations, or organizations organized and operating exclusively for the purpose of influencing, or attempting to influence, the nomination or election of one or more individuals described in (i) above, for use by such Committee, association, or entities as the Board may determine so long as such distributions are for the purpose of supporting a candidate seeking election to Texas state office; or (iii) to such other entities as is permitted by applicable law at the time of any such distribution.  Distribution of Committee funds may also be made to current state office holders in support of PAC activities.

Prohibited Distributions.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 6.1, the Committee shall not be authorized to make distributions of Committee funds to individuals who seek nomination or election to an office of the federal government or to committees, associations or organizations organized or operating for the purpose of influencing, or attempting to influence the nomination or election of such individuals.


No distribution will be made by the Committee unless authorized by the Board. No distribution will be made on behalf of the Committee at a time when there is a vacancy in the offices of its Treasurer.

Distribution by Check.

All distributions made by the Committee will be by check drawn on an account of the Committee in accordance with the provisions of Section 8.2 of these Bylaws.

Distribution Restrictions.

No distribution shall be made if such distributions would in any way violate the provision of the Texas Election Code or other applicable law.



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